I am Tamara. Christian, crafty mom to three girls, devoted wife and someone who tries to do it all.  I love baking, cooking, crocheting, paper crafting, gardening and coffee.  Early in motherhood, I really struggled.  I felt like everyone else had it all together and were super moms.   Then several people referred to me as a Super Mom.   I quickly learned that you really only can excel at one thing at a time, while other things fall on the backburner.   Today I had a clean house, but I’m behind on crochet orders, and the kids watched a little more tv than they normally do.   Today I spent time in God’s Word, and did a fun craft with the kids, but the house looks like a hurricane ran through it.    Today I got my work out in, cooked a delicious dinner and had a fun photo shoot with the girls….. but that load of laundry has sat wet in the washer for 3 days.   It’s OK!  The mommy balance is all about letting it go!   You will never find the perfect balance… the best we can do is stick to routine on the things NEED to be done, and be flexible with the rest.    This blog will be a mixture of all things….  little things that really stand out to me, projects, fun ideas, some parenting tips/advice and hopefully some tutorials and printables.   I’m learning as I go… just like every mommy out there.  Join me on this journey!

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